Dakshinawarti Shankh: "expect miracles from the divine"

No spiritual object is as exalted as the Dakshinwarti Shankh (sea shell).

The uniqueness of Dakshinawarti Shankh lies in the fact that it opens up on the right side, unlike the Shankh or sea shells which open to the left side & are commonly available all over. It is said to occur once in 100, 000 shells. Dakshin means 'South direction' referring to the direction of the opening of the shell, i.e. the right side. It is also known as Maa Lakshmi Shankh, as it is regarded as the symbol of Maa Lakshmi, the supreme Goddess of wealth. She is often depicted holding the Shankh in her right hand. When held with the crown pointed up, the conch's spiral will turn to the right (Dakshinavarti) rather than the others which turn left (Vamavarti).

A lot has been written and said about this unique Shankh. It is so rare that people go out of their way to acquire it. As per ancient Vedas & Shastras, Dakshinwarti Shankh is one of the most powerful sources of wealth and wisdom. It is said that it attracts wealth and material prosperity so strong that one would never feel the dearth of these in the future. Tantra has given immense importance to Dakshinwarti Shankh & recommends it highly. It is very rare and its imitations are widely available thus leading to harm or no benefit at all. The true Dakshinavarti Shankh has three or more horizontal lines at the inside centre opening. This is considered very auspicious. The Shankh is kept at pooja only and not blown.

These are only the physical characteristics of the Shankh and thesecould still be imitated. Experiencing the Shankh is highly recommended as one can feel its positive energy. After all, testing a spiritual artifact is an insult to it because these feelings are based on faith.

We, at Spiritual Heritage, are proud to have the genuine Dakshinvarti Shankh. And you can rest assured that you will acquire the genuine artifact from us!

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Meru Yantra: "success at its peak"

The Vaastu Shastra claims that having a real tortoise or even it's idol brings a flood of wealth in the place where it is located. It says that any residential house, palace or temple must be pointed at the centre at the top, so that the person residing in it should get more and more energy and solar reflections from the cosmic universe to be more healthy, wealthy and wise.

The ancient Shastras claim that Shree Yantra is a doorway to success and wealth in any situation. We bring you the combination of both tortoise and Shree Yantra in this unique Yantra. It provides you the Vaastu power of the tortoise, as well as the spiritual energy of Shree Yantra.

The Meru Yantra is also known as "Koorm Pristhiya (Meru) Shri Yantra". It can be placed either at the center of a house, temple or in a locker / cashbox etc.

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Sphatik Shree Yantra: "blessings, prosperity, and peace"

Sphatik is known to take away all negative energy and bring serenity and peace. Shree Yantra is the highest authority when it comes to bringing success in social status and in business.

Spiritual Heritage brings to you the spiritually energetic combination of crystal and Shree Yantra. The Sphatik absorbs all the negative energy and gives out positive vibrations, thus making the surrounding environment very positive. Sphatik acts like a protective shield and keeps negative energy away from you. Shree Yantra is regarded very highly when it comes to prosperity, business success, and social status. Shree Yantra is the worshipping place of Goddess, Maa Tripura Sundari. Vaastu Shastra highly recommends the Sphatik Shree Yantra for enhancement of business and wisdom.

All over India, & some parts of China, the influential business people makes it a point to keep Shree Yantra at their business places. It is believed to radiate strong aura for business & wealth enhancement. It is also used extensively for thought clarity and effective decision making power.

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