Santan Gopal Yantra

"unconditional love for a child"

A healthy and intelligent child is a dream of every couple. Our Vedic Shastras recommend reading Holy scriptures while a woman is pregnant. A pregnant woman is also required to remain stress-free and away from situations leading to tension. A healthy diet and other precautions are always recommended for a safe pregnancy.

We bring to you one of the most respected 'Santan Gopal Yantras'. It is widely used by childless couples seeking a healthy and safe pregnancy. Also, couples use it for good education, a sharp brain, and improved concentration for their child.

It must be noted that besides praying to the Santan Gopal Yantra, a couple must follow other spiritual instructions and heed the doctors' advice in order to ensure a safe pregnancy.

Yantras are built to provide you spiritual energy in its most purified and powerful form. Without the activation / Pran-Pratishtha of a Yantra, it remains just a piece of metal and serves a decorative purpose only. It is recommended that you buy a Yantra ONLY with Pran-Pratishtha, otherwise it is of no use.

Also, you must be aware that every Yantra is not suitable for everyone. Each of us is compatible with a specific Yantra based on one's horoscope chart. You are requested to buy the Yantra which suits you based on your planetary chart and aura.

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