Kuber Yantra

"the inheritance of prosperity"

Kuber Yantra is associated with Lord Kuber, who is believed to administer the wealth of God. It is considered very effective for financial prosperity and increasing materialistic comforts. Even though its Puja is recommended every day, it is very important to do so on the auspicious day of Dussehra, Dhan traydosi (two days before Diwali), and Diwali. Some people also pray it every month on the day of Dhan Triyodashi during Shukal Paksha. Kuber Yantra could be kept in your prayer place, cash box, or at your work place if that is where most of your business transactions are made. It is believed that to enhance the positive effect of Maa Lakshami, one must pray to Lord Kuber.

Yantras are built to provide you spiritual energy in its most purified and powerful form. Without the activation / Pran-Pratishtha of a Yantra, it remains just a piece of metal and serves a decorative purpose only. It is recommended that you buy a Yantra ONLY with Pran-Pratishtha, otherwise it is of no use.

Also, you must be aware that every Yantra is not suitable for everyone. Each of us is compatible with a specific Yantra based on one's horoscope chart. You are requested to buy the Yantra which suits you based on your planetary chart and aura.

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